Miller Transporters : Overview

Miller Transporters, Inc. and Miller Total Clean operate tank cleaning facilities that are the result of the need to have the ability to safely clean our own equipment. With over seventy two years experience in the tank truck industry, Miller has worked hard to perfect the ability to clean a tank trailer or tank container. We have time tested procedures that enable our personnel to visually inspect our equipment while on the cleaning rack. This helps ensure that our trailers are ready to transport the next load without issue. Our quality process gives great attention to detail and must pass inspection by two personnel before it is signed off as clean.

Miller Transporters has a wide variety of tank trailers available for lease from many of our terminal locations. From stainless steel general chemical, to acid and lined, compartmented, pneumatic or chassis, we have the trailer to meet your need. And, of course, we can have the trailer professionally delivered

Miller Transporters has a long history of using proven technology to support our mission of safety and service. From using satellite or cellular technology to communicate more effectively between drivers and dispatchers, to using the internet for communicating, gathering, and sending information related to training, orders, pickups, shipments, directions, proof of delivery, and billing; Miller has the resources in technology and personnel to assist you in accomplishing the business tasks that are needed in today’s constantly changing business relationships.